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AMAZING FIGURE MODELER is a magazine for fans of horror, science fiction, and fantasy that are interested in model kits and collectibles. Our readers are avid fans and collectors of all related media, including DVDs, books, comics, T-shirts, masks and any horror paraphernalia. If you have a product that relates to AFM’s subject matter, we have the perfect marketing outlet for you!

Amazing Figure Modeler magazine is the recognized leader in the figure modeling and collecting field with the largest circulation and readership of any other figure modeling publication in the world, reaching avid modelers in over 25 countries! What does that mean to you the advertiser? More bang for your advertising buck! Advertising in AFM guarantees you will reach more figure modelers and collectors with one ad than with all other sources. AFM is THE place to reach hardcore modelers, fans searching for new products and the latest kits, fans ready to spend money! Discover what hundreds of Model and collectible related businesses already know, AFM is the definitive source for all that is new in Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy related Figure Kits, Toys, Collectibles and Statues! With our expanding coverage of the pre-paint statue market as well as genre related action figures, AFM is gaining a wider appeal to the entire figure collecting world! Below is our current advertising information, along with basic graphic design specifications. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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The deadline for space reservation for issue #63 is January 15th

Whether you are a first time or a long-time advertiser, you need to contact us and reserve your ad space. We will never assume that you will run an ad unless we have a space reservation, so please call or e-mail confirmation that you will be in an upcoming issue. Once space reservation deadlines have passed, we may not be able to fit you into an issue already in production, so please don't forget this all-important step. We need to know size and whether you are planning black and white or full color. Unless you have made prior arrangements, you must send the payment for your ad to reserve your space.

2. Send your ad in on time! Deadline for ad materials: January 31st.

Once you've reserved your ad space, please send your ad in by the deadline listed. If you are having problems contact us and see whether we can offer an extension. If not, we will have to bump your ad to the next issue. For us to remain on a tight publishing schedule we cannot be held up by late ads.

3. Make sure payment accompanies the ad.

Unless you've made prior arrangements or are under contract, payment in full MUST accompany the ad. Ads not paid for by press time will be pulled from the publication, no exceptions. All checks and money orders should be made payable to Amazing Figure Modeler magazine. We also accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. You can call in your card number to our business office at 614-882-2125. International payment must be in U.S. Funds Drawn on a U.S. bank.

Ad Specifications:

Ads can be submitted via email to us as PDF or jpeg files to You may upload your ad to your FTP server for us to retrieve with the appropriate links/passwords or we can send you a Drop Box link. Any questions concerning the above formats, please contact us for further details.

Amazing Figure Modeler can provide graphic design services for you at reasonable rates, please call for price quotes and further information.

Subject Theme for Issue #63: Robots!

Coming in issue #63, it’s all about the “Bots” as AFM ratchets things up by giving you a component-by-component look at your favorite metallic model monstrosities from the silver screen and beyond. First up is an extensive build on everyone’s favorite Nickel-plated Nincompoop, Moebius Models’ Lost in Space B-9 Robot. Next, get ready to make the rounds with Robby the Robot and his custom made ride, The Space Patrol Car. For all you Cowboys, beware of the steely-eyed glare of Creature Features’ Gunslinger from West World! The Mars Attacks gang from Mantic Games is set to invade as a mini-scaled diorama and we’ll also be rolling out the Pegasus T-2 Hunter Killer Tank. Black Heart’s Angelique is scheduled for a metallic makeover and finally we’ve got not one, but two articles on the ‘70s Cult Film Classic, Silent Running. First, it’s a full-on droid diorama with Huey, Louie and Dewey; then as an extra treat, we’ll give you an exclusive interview with Cheryl Sparks, the talented performer who acted as Huey, Drone Number 2. Finally, no replicant is safe from Deckard in an amazing diorama. Make no mistake, we are gonna crush, kill and destroy this issue with more models, reviews and stunning photography all laid out in the colorful pages of America’s one and only figure kit magazine, Amazing Figure Modeler!

Advertising and Press Release Deadlines:

To be sure of making this issue's deadline, photos and press release submissions for the new product section as well as any kits for review are due by January 15th. The deadline for reserving your space is January 20th, and we'll need your ad in hand by January 31st. Our advertising count as well as our newsstand orders has been steadily rising, so to make sure we can fit you in, reserve your space early! If you've not advertised in a while, this would be the issue to be in! Email, phone or drop us a card by January 20th to be sure to get in this issue. We will always add pages to accommodate advertisers, but after the deadline passes the page count is set, and it's first come only. Let us know the size ad and when to expect your artwork

If you have any questions, just let me know, and as always, thank you for your support!

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