This issue, our collective writing staff has ‘hijacked’ the AFM bus and are off on a wild and careening, white knuckle modeling tour you won’t soon forget! Get on board kids as Steve Riojas dissects ISH’s double-headed Famous Monster “Galligantus” and stuffs some ‘guts’ into an internally gory masterpiece. Next, make some room for Jason “The Dragon Slayer” Walker as he does battle with Reaper’s epic five-headed beast “Ma’al Drakar.” Mike Wallace returns to school everyone on how to model a truly epic Godzilla diorama and Larry Brackney is back in the class room to teach you all you need to know about the ever evolving world of 3-D printing technology. In addition this eye-popping issue will also be featuring tutorials on Collapse Industries’ freaky bust, the “Transgenetic Outlander” as well as Go Native Toy’s imaginative take on H.P. Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu.” Blackheart Models’ Nosferatu bust gets the ModelMania™ treatment, and John Allred Hammers the one and only God of Thunder- Thor! For modelers who enjoy creative and colorful coverage, all this and so much more figure kit info, news and reviews can be found in the upcoming Amazing Figure Modeler #65, “Writer’s Choice”……Don’t miss it!

A tribute to Garage Kit Pioneer Mike Parks

MONARCH : Mike Wallace
Mike heats things up with an explosive take on a Kaiju Klassic!

The Winner of AFM's Most Amazing Model 2017 Wonderfest USA!

GORGO : Fred DiSanto
Fred gives Eartbound Studio's Gorgo the 'Round the clock coverage!

HANNIBAL : Syndjinn Scott
Syndjinn takes you all the way to Carthage for a dark skin tone tutorial!

GOD OF THUNDER : John Allred
The Norse God gets hammered by John Allred!

CTHULHU : Jon Giancola
Jon ushers in the return of the GREAT OLD, not Terry Webb, Cthulhu!

RISE OF THE MACHINES PT 2 : Larry Brackney
Larry delves deeper into the technology of 3D printing with Bioshock!

MODEL CLUB : David Dill
What's the first rule of Model Club? Why, winning of course!

MA'AL DRAKAR : Jason Walker
Five heads are better than one when Tiamat meets her modeling match!

GALLIGANTUS : Steve Riojas
Steve dissects the dual-headed retro giant! Have a heart Steve - or maybe two!

MAXIMUM MUTANT! : David Prosser
The Transgenetic Outlander gets the radioactive touch from the Prosser labs...!

NOSFERATU : ModelMania™ with David Fisher
David eyes the new Blackheart Nosferatu!

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Coming at you from a modeling Galaxy far, far away, (in the not too distant future!) is AFM’s spectacular Star Wars special! That’s right young Sky Walker, time to double-up on that lightsaber and prepare for all out Sci-fi action and unforgettable modeling adventures from the most iconic film series ever made in the Universe! Join us on a modeling quest to defeat the Evil Empire and free the Galaxy from the forces of darkness with the help of Bandai’s all new series of 1/12th and 1/6th scale Star Wars figure kits as modeled and re-imagined by our very own Jedi Masters, Dave Prosser and Steve Riojas. Mark Myers pilots a bold jump into hyperspace with an all-hands-on build-up account of the ship that made “the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs,” Bandai’s 1/72nd Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon! Next, we’ll have a whimsical look at Jabba the Hutt’s throne room scene by Mike Wowczuk as well as Jim James’ dressed up versions of Revell’s 1/28th scale Han Solo’s Speeder and the Imperial Stormtrooper Speeders kits. All this and a whole lot of the Star Wars universe awaits all skilled Rebel Resistance modelers willing to join AFM’s epic Star Wars modeling Saga that’s guaranteed to put space right in your face! Use the Force you will, with Amazing Figure Modeler Magazine issue #66!